Create wireless multi-zone audio system with Apple AirPlay

Digital music is certainly an ‘in’ thing. Many of us listen to mp3s and other audio formats on our computers. Sometimes, however, we’re stuck to the room where our computers are just to listen to our favorite music. But nowadays, it is already possible to listen to digital music from any room inside our home through a wireless network.
Getting our digital music off our computers and around our homes to the places where we want to listen to music is a challenge for most people. What many people do to listen to music is connect an Apple device like an iPod or iPhone to a mini-speaker system. But these devices were made for mobility so limiting them to a single area at home would be a waste. Further, the audio quality from the speakers might not meet the audiophile’s standards.

A better setup is to build what experts call a ‘wireless multi-zone audio system.’ Using Apple iTunes and the latest Apple AirPlay technology, you can have the pleasure of listening to your favorite music wirelessly.Using Apple iTunes and the latest Apple AirPlay technology

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Tips to reduce cost on home security

If you’re a middle class worker, then these easy tips to secure your home are definitely for you. A regular security system can cost about $200 on average, or more. For additional pieces of equipment you can pay $500+. These pieces include cameras, some sensors, and elaborate sensor lights. With my tips you can easily save hundreds, and maybe even thousands in the long run. You do not need to contact any security agency either, and installment takes mere minutes overall.

The Obvious

These are the “obvious” security steps anyone should take, but no one is perfect, and we often forget even the most basic things. This is a small, yet fresh reminder of what everyone should be doing before they go to sleep. When you go to sleep, remember to lock all of your doors and windows, and do not leave anything easily takeable outside. Such things as bikes and skateboards should be properly stored in a garage or a shed. Also, ensure that your garage is locked, and put a padlock on your shed as well. [Read more...]

Learning the basics of access control system - Reader access cardACCESS CONTROL

Electronic access control can be defined as any system that restricts access based on authority to enter. However, beyond this access control can restrict interaction with a resource. This area could include controlling access to a computer terminal or specific software.


In order to maximise the benefits of your access control system it is important to establish some basic criteria as a starting point for the system design. The first of which is to define the problem and consider if electronic access control is the most appropriate response. Given that the answer is “yes it is”, it is critical to establish the operational requirements (OR) of the system. [Read more...]

DIY ideas for automating your home

iSmartHouse - Home Automation SydneyWhether you are handy around the home or not, home automation is becoming easier for everyone. Even if you are not tech savvy enough to install some home automation systems, you probably know someone who is, or you can pay to have a company set one up for you.

Either way, it is now easier than ever to install a complete system that caters to each individual who lives in your home. Following are just a few ideas for automating your home.


You can now set up keypad and fingerprint locks for the doors to your home. The best part about this is that each person can have their own code, and it can tie into other parts of your home automation system. [Read more...]

Check out an example of Smart House Technology

Find out how technology could transform your house into a Smart House!

Let’s dream about your future smart house

Let's dream about your future smart houseSuppose you go home and your mobile phone, which is then even more than just a smartphone, registers that you are going home, and turns on the central heating, because it knows its cold outside. The Central heating then measures the temperature, and heats it to the pre-set temperature on your device. When you are at your front door, the phone will turn on the lights inside the house to make you feel welcome. When you are inside you hang up your coat, get your device out and turn on the great song you heard on the radio this morning, and the music fills the room your in. The home automation systems registers where you are inside the house, and adjusts the music, lights and sounds. You are hungry and want to cook dinner, you get the ingredients out and check the recipe one more time on your device. Your device registers that you are using the last eggs, and put those on your grocery list. This list is then automatically synced with the grocery list of your home automation system and displays it on the fridge.


(Source: Dutch Technocrat )

Make your house easier and protected with home control systems

Home Control Systems - Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

the purpose of home control systems have invariably been to help make your house easier and protected…

It really is amazing how technology has allowed easing our way of life. Many household appliances are built to work with agreement on your way of living or mobility. Every year a new product is on the market that can function using a touch of the button or simply a press of your fingers. Many of these products are built with home control systems or popularly known as home automation. As an example, your air conditioning unit instantly shuts when it recognizes there’s no longer any person inside a room, or maybe your path lights are timed to illuminate at dusk, they are typical examples of home control systems.

Home control systems are very versatile. Just about all functions can be carried out during one move which is extremely successful. Unlike in the previous generations, regular folks as well as workers must head to all the rooms in order to ignite a candle and have to physically yank over the storage door just to shut it. Today using the application embedded in their own smart phones, they could be [Read more...]

Learning the necessary components of a home security system

Security Alarm Cameras - iSmart HouseHomeowners should be well educated before accepting the quote for a home security sytem. Some items are absolutely necessary. Other items are only useful in a handful of situations.


This is the “brains” of the home security system. This is absolutely necessary for your system to work. Every other part of a home security system is wired into the panel.

Door Contacts

An intruder is likely to try entering through an easy access point, such as a door. I suggest that you secure all of your exterior doors with a door contact. When the home security system is armed, the door contact senses when the door opens. This causes the alarm to go off. [Read more...]

Home automation, the high-tech way to transform your house into a smart house

Transform your house into a smart houseHome automation is the high-tech way of transforming a traditional home into a smart home. Basically, it is technology that gives homeowners remote or automatic control over devices and appliances within their home. An automated home controls security, temperatures, audio/video, lighting, and more.

Homeowners everywhere are discovering the advantages that home automation offers. Convenience, security, and value are just of few of the benefits. Whether you are updating your existing or building a new construction, home automation makes life easier. [Read more...]

Prevent burglary with home security system

With crime rates quickly rising, it’s more important than ever to have a good home security system in place. Your number one priority should be to ensure the safety of you and your entire family.

There are a number of security systems that you can choose to protect your home from burglars and others that want to cause you grief.

Depending on what you’re looking for, you have the option of getting either a wired or wireless security system. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it all comes down to your own specific needs.

Home Security System - it Bad to Use Wireless Technology for Security?

The actual technology behind a wireless and wired system is quite different. With a wireless system, you don’t need to worry about physically connecting everything because the signals are sent directly to the control panel via radio signals. Although wireless systems were initially considered less reliable than its wired counterpart, this is no longer the case thanks to technological advancements. [Read more...]